Reports and Strategies

Telecare Cardiff and Meals on Wheels are proud of their achievements and want to share our reports with you.

These documents are available for you to read below.

Integrated Care Fund

Telecare Cardiff have been successful in achieving a bid from the ICF. The bid equates to £450k in total, to be paid over a three year period. This will allow Telecare Cardiff to offer free equipment to all potential new service users. The equipment will not be limited to the standalone Lifeline Alarm and pendant, it will be for all the devices within our inventory. This will include all of the peripheral sensors such as smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and bed sensors to name a few.

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Annual Report 2019/20

Telecare gives customers the support,security and reassurance they need to enable them to live independently in their own homes. Our customers include council tenants, home owners and those who rent in the private sector. Telecare will mark its 30th Anniversary in June 2020!

Read the full 2019/20 Report
Fall prevention

Falls prevention

This strategy will look at various approaches and methods Telecare Cardiff will look to implement and adopt over the next 3 years. There will be specific projects launched in order to reduce the total number of falls and maximise our users chances of remaining in their own home. Telecare Cardiff respond to multiple incidents of falls on a daily basis and are in a unique position to effect positive change on the citizens of Cardiff, using Technology Enabled Care (TEC) as an enabler.

Read the full Fall Prevention Report

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